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Huge explosion targets military vehicles in southern Yemen

An explosion targeted military vehicles in the Abdul Aziz area of ​​the Mansoura district in the Yemeni governorate of Aden last night.

Colonel Muhammad Qaid Aqib, Director of Al-Drain Police in the Aden Governorate, was seriously injured after an explosive device was detonated in his vehicle.

Aden Security Director General Mutahhar Ali Naji Al-Shuaibi said: “The security services in Aden will never be lenient with those who beg themselves to destabilize security and stability in the city of Aden to achieve miserable goals that seek to show Aden as an insecure city, and to put obstacles and problems before the government.

He added, “All these conspiracies have failed previously and will fail now and will not achieve their goals with the cooperation of the people of this valiant city with the security men, who inflicted defeats on terrorist groups at the height of their power.”

No group has claimed responsibility for this latest attack.

Source: RT