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“Putin”: We will continue to support Belarus in the face of Western pressure

Russian President “Vladimir Putin” declared that Moscow was and will continue to support Belarus in the face of Western pressure.

“Putin” stressed, during his participation with his Belarusian counterpart “Alexander Lukashenko” today, Thursday, via video communication technology, at the plenary session of the eighth session of the Forum of the two countries’ regions, that Belarus “is not only a good neighbor, but also our closest ally in the first place.”

He said, “We will continue to provide all kinds of support to the brotherly Belarusian people in the complex internal political conditions they are currently going through against the background of continued political and punitive pressure and stubborn attempts to destabilize stability from abroad.

Putin condemned the decision of the European Union to impose a ban on the export of some types of goods to Belarus, expressing his conviction that this measure harms the interests of citizens in Belarus, and added: “This is what those who commit such acts should think about.”

Source: “Novosti”
Russia Today Channel