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Cosmic Method Helps Probe Secret of Medieval Islamic Tombs Scattered Like ‘Galaxies in the Universe’

Sudan’s Kassala region is known to host numerous funerary structures, such as ancient stone mounds and Islamic domed mausoleums, constructed over generations and representing different cultures. However, their remote location has made it challenging to study their secrets.

A method designed for cosmology has been applied to the topography study of thousands of fascinating medieval Islamic tombs in eastern Sudan, according to a paper published on 7 July in the journal PLOS One.

In an effort to shed light on the mysteries of the funerary landscape dotted with some 10,000 monuments in the Kassala region of eastern Sudan, a team of experts from the University of Naples L’Orientale and the Sudanese National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums used satellite imagery.

Source: Sputnik news