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The Turkish intelligence opens recruitment offices to transfer Syrian militants to “Afghanistan”.

The Turkish intelligence opens recruitment offices to transfer Syrian militants to “Afghanistan”.

The Turkish authorities continue their approach of exploiting the militants of the Syrian factions and using them as militias in the regional conflicts, to recently open more than 13 offices within their areas of control in northern Syria in order to attract Syrian militants to travel to “Afghanistan” and fight there.

Most of the registration offices for the Syrian militants wishing to travel to “Afghanistan” have spread in Idlib countryside, in addition to several other offices that were opened within the areas under the control of the “Al-Hamza” division and “Sultan Suleiman Shah” factions in the countryside of Aleppo.

The Turkish intelligence relies on temptations with large monthly salaries of up to 3000 dollars in order to attract the militants of the Syrian factions to fight in “Afghanistan”, similar to what happened during the Turkish intervention in the Libyan conflict and the Azerbaijani-Armenian war.

It’s noteworthy that the turnout of the militants to register to travel to “Afghanistan” was very weak, as the sources indicated that many offices were opened about a week ago without any turnout from the militants, which made the Turkish authorities open the rest of the offices during yesterday and today’s hours.

Despite this, the sources didn’t monitor the expected turnout by the Turkish authorities to these offices, amid a clear reluctance by the militants to register in them, likely due to fear that the Turkish authorities would not fulfill the salaries they offered, as happened during the Libyan and Azerbaijani experiences.

As they reduced the salaries of some Syrian militias to 200-500 dollars while it has stopped paying the salaries of other factions’ fighters in full.

The Sources had previously published a report in which it revealed the Turkish intelligence’s tendency to exploit the militants of the Syrian factions and transfer them to fight in “Afghanistan”, which appeared during a meeting held between the Turkish officers and leaders of the factions in the “Kiss” area about a week ago, during which circular on the most prominent Turkish factions preparing 2000 armed men to transport them to “Afghanistan” as a first batch.

source : syrcenter