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Kaaba’s Cloth Changed Before Adha Eid

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has announced that it will on Monday replace the Kaaba’s Kiswah. 

The Kiswah is designed annually by more than 200 specialized fabric workers.

A new Kiswah will replace the old one, under the supervision of the Imam of the holy Two Mosques, Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Al-Sudais, who emphasized the importance the king gives to the Kaaba.

Close to 200 specialist fabric workers and managers are employed at the King Abdulaziz complex, where the Kiswah is designed. The complex includes numerous sections, such as management, quality control, public relations, and a health section for the employees. The complex also houses the world’s largest sewing machine at 16m long.

The Kiswah is composed of nearly 670 Kg of black silk, 120 Kg of gold threads, and 100 Kg of silver threads.

Pilgrims have begun to pour into Mecca, as this year’s Hajj season is restricted to residents of Saudi Arabia that have been inoculated against the Coronavirus. 

This marks the second year that pilgrims have been so few in number, because of the pandemic.