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Washington Accuses Tehran of Deflecting Blame in Vienna Talks

The US Department of State accused Tehran of deflecting blame for the impasse the Vienna talks have reached and denied that any deal regarding prisoner exchange is complete.

It responded to statements made by the head of the Iranian delegation to the Vienna talks, Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, stating that “these comments are an outrageous effort to deflect blame for the current impasse.”

It also denied reaching an agreement with regard to the prisoner exchange, pointing out that the statements made by Araghchi aim to “raise the hopes of their families.”

US State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said earlier that the US and Iran are in “indirect but active” talks to secure a prisoner exchange between the two countries.

He had earlier said that the Vienna talks should wait until new administration forms in Iran.

Araghchi had tweeted that the US and UK should “stop linking a humanitarian exchange—ready to be implemented—with the JCPOA,” warning that this “achieves neither.” 

Iranian Government Spokesperson Ali Rabii stated that “talks are ongoing to free Iranian prisoners within the framework of Iran’s interests, and results will be later announced.”

The 6th round of negotiations took place last June without scheduling the 7th round. Iranian President-Elect Ibrahim Raisi will be sworn into office before parliament on the 5th of August.

The Vienna nuclear talks were launched in two different hotels in the Austrian capital in April. 

source : almayadeen