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Haniyeh Meets with “Dawa and Reform Group” in Tehran

Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh, and his accompanying delegation in Tehran, welcomed members of the “Dawa and Reform Group”, led by its secretary-general Abdulrahman Birani. 

Haniyeh reviewed with the group new developments on the Palestinian scene, outcomes of “battle of Saif al-Quds”, and the “role of the nation, its people, and its intellectual and political elites, in supporting the Palestinian people, in the face of the Zionist occupation and its arbitrary measures against the Palestinian people, especially in the city of Jerusalem and its suburbs, and the occupation’s attempts to desecrate Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Haniyeh also spoke about “the danger of settlements, the expansionist plans of the occupation, the annexation of Palestinian lands, and the effects of  the blockade on Gaza”

Furthermore, he affirmed the perseverance and allegiance of the Palestinian people to demand and attain their rights and defeat their occupier.

On his account, Abdulrahman Birani stressed that “the status of the Palestinian cause is consolidated in the conscience of the Iranian people with all its intellectual, political, and sectarian spectrums, and their religious, moral and humanitarian commitment in support of the Palestinian people and their just cause.”

The two associations agreed that “the unity of the Islamic nation is the key to its strength, and Palestine and Jerusalem are the central common cause that unites the nation in the face of its common Zionist enemy.”

Last Friday, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi welcomed Haniyeh and referred to the battle of Saif al-Quds – the Palestinian resistance groups’ 11-day rocket and missile launches in response to “Israel’s” brutal aggression on Gaza in May – Raisi added that the most important message of this victory was that the theory of resistance in Palestine has worked and will work,” stressing that the resistance is the best strategic option to liberate Palestine.

On his part, Raisi declared that Iran will continue to support Palestine as the main concern of the Muslim world.

Haniyeh announced “we present the victory of Operation “Saif Al-Quds” to the new president and people of Iran,” and that he “carries a message of congratulations and greetings from the oppressed people of Palestine from all corners of Palestine and the world, to Raisi.”

Raisi had also welcomed the delegation of the “Islamic Jihad Movement” in Palestine led by Secretary-General Ziad al-Nakhala, who congratulated the Iranian president for the Iranian people’s confidence in his election as president. Al-Nakhala expressed confidence in Iran’s approach “to defend Palestine and the rights of the Palestinian people and their resistance in order to liberate their land.” 

The Iranian president also met with a delegation from the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine” headed by Assistant Secretary-General Talal Naji.

Haniyeh continues his tour of Arab nations including his visits to Morocco, Mauritania, Tunis, Algeria, Kuwait, and Lebanon.