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Desalinate Water Using Solar Energy

The distillation of water using solar energy is one of the most common and easy methods used today. UrFU scientists collaborated with Iraqi colleagues to create a hybrid technique that uses a spinning hollow cylinder and a solar collector to improve evaporation efficiency within a solar distiller.

The new technology will reduce desalination costs and quadruple the output capacity. 

The method uses solar energy to distill water, possibly rendering clean water for a big part of the globe suffering from water shortages – especially in the Middle East and Africa, countries with high solar energy potential, and water shortage. 

It is worth noting that the UN estimates that more than 700 million people lack access to safe drinking water globally.

The UrFU researchers want to improve the performance of their solar distiller in the future, lowering running costs wherever feasible to aid areas where there is a shortage of clean drinking water.