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Son of Late Afghan Leader: I Will Launch a New Revolution Against Taliban

  • Ahmad Masoud, the son of the late Afghan Leader, Ahmad Shah Masoud said: “We mourn our leader, Ahmad Shah Masoud, the leader who fought the Taliban until his final moments in life. It has been 24 years since we have been under the power of the Taliban, and it is because of them that the Afghan people were harmed,” adding that “we do not want a treaty or a deal with the Taliban, and we will fight them to the end.”

News spread that Masoud had left the country, with Sputnik reporting that he boarded a military helicopter from Panjshir Province, north of Kabul, accompanied by a number of figures. Masoud denied this, stressing that he “never left Afghanistan,” and that he will launch a new revolution like his father’s.

Panjshir Province is still the only province the “Taliban” members could not enter. One militia leader in Panjshir, known as Mohammad Panjshir, said his group is against any agreement with the “Taliban,” declaring war against them. 

Sputnik had also reported that the Taliban members had fired shots at a march in support of the Afghan national flag in Nangarhar Province, resulting in casualties.

Earlier today, Al Mayadeen reporter said that Ashraf Ghani’s Vice President, Amrullah Saleh, declared himself caretaker president.

Saleh has announced this after a meeting with Ahmad Masoud. Masoud’s father was killed by “al-Qaeda” before 9/11.

Saleh also announced that he amassed supporters, tanks, and airplanes in Panjshir to fight, calling on Afghans to “join the resistance.”

A “Taliban” leader had said on Wednesday that the Movement will engage in a “peaceful dialogue with previous administration officials to guarantee that they feel secure.”