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Man Uses Apple Device to Locate His Stolen Motorbike

According to Apple Insider, Brandon, the Washington man who had lost his motorbike repeatedly, decided to use Apple’s AirTag device to keep track of it. Once the company announced its product, Brandon attached one to his motorcycle.

What happened?

On Tuesday, Brandon couldn’t find his bike after he had parked it in a parking lot. However, he soon used the Find My app on his iPhone and received signals from the application to locate his bike a few meters away from where he was. Upon reaching the location, he found his stolen bike that the thieves had left there and filed a report at the police station.

It is worth noting that AirTag was announced last year during Apple’s Spring event along with the iPhone 12 series. The device is compatible with various Apple devices and can be attached to personal items such as keys, wallets, bags, and motorbikes in Brandon’s case, to keep track of them if lost.