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Trump Denounces Removal of Robert Lee Confederate Statue

Donald Trump described the removal of the statue of the Confederate commander Robert Lee, one of the prominent figures involved in the US civil war, as a manifestation of the decline of the American culture. 

Trump expressed that the takedown of the statue resembles the downfall of American culture. Moreover, he accused left “extremists” of demolishing the history of the state. He added that Americans ought not to permit that.

In addition, Trump linked the incident to what’s happening in Afghanistan recently. He commented that if the US troops were under Lee’s command, the disaster as he calls it would have ended in a totally different way. Trump further assumed that if the forces were led by Lee, a complete and comprehensive victory would be the result of Afghanistan’s war many years ago. He said that it’s a shame that the US is suffering because it lacks commanders like Lee.  

The confederate’s statue took one final ride out of Virginia. The Black Lives Matter movement filled the state with cheers and chants.

The symbolism of the memorial, rigorous security measures, temporary banning of traffic near the site, and a prohibition on drone flights have been adopted by the authorities.