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Ravanchi: Foreign Interference to be Blamed for Afghanistan Situation

Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the UN Takht Ravanchi confirmed that the current situation in Afghanistan is an outcome of America’s and other nations’ meddling added to a reckless withdrawal.

During a UN Security Council meeting, Ravanchi expressed that Iran has always made efforts to help various Afghan factions discuss and settle conflicts peacefully. 

The top Iranian diplomat added that Afghanistan is currently at a crucial period, with hundreds fleeing the country, more than 600,00 displaced, food shortages, and millions in need of humanitarian assistance.

Ravanchi reaffirmed Iran’s readiness to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian aid through ports, airports, railways, land roads, and border crossings to Afghanistan.

He added that Iran has hosted Afghan refugees for more than 4 decades with additional refugees entering the country after the recent crisis. 

Iran ready to host next round of peace negotiations

Ravanchi called on all religious leaders, as well as national and political authorities in Afghanistan to prioritize national interests over the interests of the commercial sector of society.

The recent attacks in Panjshir valley were condemned as contrary to the unified global position, adding that the path to peace, stability, and sustainable development in Afghanistan is possible with effective and equal participation of the true representatives of all national, linguistic, and sectarian groups. 

The Taliban are expected to fulfill their obligations

The ambassador expressed that Iran is deeply concerned about the instability and insecurity in Afghanistan, as well as terrorist threats and international organized criminal gangs.

He reiterated Iran’s belief that Afghanistan should not be used to threaten or attack other countries, incubate or train terrorists, or finance any terrorist activities.

Concluding his speech, Ravanchi stressed that Afghanistan is in need of help to overcome its current problems, reaffirming that Iran will do its part to help Afghanistan achieve security and prosperity.