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Kabul Airport Manager: Flights from and to Kabul Increase

Kabul airport’s manager declared on Sunday that flights to and from the capital have increased, with some flights transporting humanitarian aid to the country. He also announced and that a number of international flights have been resumed.

Moreover, he said that technical teams from Qatar and Turkey have provided aid to Kabul and that domestic flights are back on track, with the government-owned Ariana being the first to resume business since the US withdrawal.

Senior Taliban official Mawlawi Abdul Ghaffar Agha had said that the Movement achieved its goal after 20 years, stressing that it aims at satisfying the people of Afghanistan and meeting their needs after a long-awaited victory.

He also said that the “immoral” presence of US troops has come to an end, “and by the will of God, we will satisfy our people and all of Afghanistan,” because “we want the people to work with us,” with this government and this system, as Afghanistan is “our common home and we will build it together.”