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33% of US Citizens Cut Ties with Unvaccinated Family Members

Harris Poll study which was conducted between 10 to 12th September showed that 33% of US citizens are now cutting off relationships with their unvaccinated family members, friends, and acquaintances. 

The poll published in Forbes indicates that a new phenomenon is being sighted among US citizens – an issue that will certainly have an impact on everyday life. This not only will affect social relationships among family and friends, but it will certainly affect job status, workplace, and even how a person will spend the upcoming holidays, in particular, Christmas and New Year.

1,920 US adults were questioned about how the vaccination would affect their ties with family members and friends, and how their behavior will change with those that decided not to take the vaccine doses or yet haven’t had a clear opinion on the matter. 

The survey found that 33% of the respondents had terminated relationships with some of the unvaccinated people in their lives. 

Moreover, 8% had decided that they don’t want to socialize with the unvaccinated, 11% said that they might contact them again if they received a vaccine shot, and 14% would continue to contact their unvaccinated acquaintances but will not meet them in person. 

In addition, others expressed that an individual not taking a vaccine shot causes them disruption, while others said it is just a personal choice.