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Chairman Xu: Huawei Will Never Give Up on Its Cellphone Business

Huawei’s current rotating chairman and CEO, Xu Zhijun, announced that the company will continue in its cellphone business.

At a press conference during the Huawei Connect 2021 event, Xu explained that the company’s cellphone business is facing huge challenges as a result of the US-imposed sanctions.

However, the chairman assured that “Huawei will never give up on the cellphone business.”

The tech giant still owns its Huawei cellphone brand, but has sold its budget smartphone brand, Honor, last November to a consortium. The company struggled for months with lack of key chips and software exports which were cut by the US. Ergo, Huawei can’t import 5G chips and can only launch 4G smartphones, which is greatly affecting its sales.

Though the problem is not easy to solve, it is not impossible to overcome these US restrictions. Reports show that Huawei will be able to solve the 5G problem in 2022.

According to Xu, Huawei is continuously working on expanding its cellphone business, but US sanctions have delayed its progress “several years” until it’s able to get back on track again.