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Arab League Will Help Monitor the Iraqi Elections .

The League of Arab States has announced its participation in monitoring the Iraqi elections after receiving an invitation from the Independent High Electoral Commission.
After an invitation from the Independent High Electoral Commission, the League of Arab States announced its participation in monitoring the Iraqi elections.

In a statement, the League announced that an observer mission arrived in Iraq on Sunday to participate in the assessment of various aspects of the electoral process, including the electoral campaigns of the candidates, the polling, and the counting of votes.

The Iraqi Prime Minister’s Adviser for Elections Affairs, Abdul Hussein Al-Hindawi, announced that Iraq received requests from countries wishing to participate in monitoring the elections.

In a televised statement, Al-Hindawi revealed that the UN would send more than 130 international observers from the EU, as well as observers from the Arab League, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Earlier, the Head of the European Union Election Monitoring Mission in Iraq, Viola von Cramon, described the upcoming elections as historic.

Before concluding her visit to Iraq, she highlighted the importance of the event, emphasizing that preparations are going in full swing and all efforts are in process to ensure the integrity of the voting and the safety of voters.

She added that security is a critical factor, stressing that voters must have confidence that their vote does make a difference.

Cramon expressed her hope that the parliamentary elections be held “without violence or intimidation”, confirming the deployment of 80 observers to supervise the early legislative elections on October 10.

source : almayadeen