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Abu Mujahid: Wafaa Al-Ahrar Deal a Complete Shift for Palestinian Resistance

The Director of the Media Office of the Palestinian Popular Resistance Committees Muhammad Al-Buraim (Abu Mujahid) stated on Monday, that the “Wafa Al-Ahrar” deal is considered a complete shift in the history of the Palestinian resistance, and proved that the will and determination of the Palestinian resistance are stronger than Zionist tyranny.

Abu Mujahid emphasized that the Wafaa Al-Ahrar deal remains engraved in the memory of our Palestinian people symbolizing a crucial victory over the Zionist enemy.

In October 2011, after an Israeli soldier was kidnapped and held captive for over five years, more than 1,400 Palestinian prisoners were released from occupation prisons.

Abu Mujahid saluted the heroic prisoners in the occupation prisons, led by the prisoners who are engaging in hunger strikes, and those who executed the Freedom Tunnel escape from Gilboa Prison.

The comments of Abu Mujahid come during a time where over 400 Islamic Jihad prisoners are continuing their open hunger strike in the Israeli occupation prisons, refusing their administrative detentions. Among the prisoners are Kayed Al-Fasfous, who has been on a hunger strike for 95 days, and Miqdad Al-Qawasmi, on a hunger strike for 88 days and suffering major health complications.

On Sunday, the Islamic Jihad’s media official Daoud Shehab disclosed to Al Mayadeen that the Israeli Prison Authority has gradually begun to retreat from its position as a result of direct negotiations with the leadership of the movement.

It is noteworthy that the occupation had tightened its measures within prisons, after the Gilboa prison break. 

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