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ISIL claims responsibility for attack on Kabul power line

ISIL group on Friday said it was behind an explosion that brought down electricity lines and plunged Kabul into darkness, ND TV reported.

In a statement published on its Telegram channels, ISIL terrorist group said that the soldiers of the caliphate detonated a bomb on an electricity pylon in Kabul” to damage the electricity sector.

The explosion hit a high-voltage line supplying imported power to Kabul and some other provinces.

Afghanistan is largely reliant on electricity imported from its northern neighbors Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, making cross-country power lines a prime target for insurgents.

The Taliban has promised to fight ISIL but the group has continued to carry out devastating atrocities.

Earlier this week, ISIL said it was behind a suicide bombing of a Shia mosque in the southern city of Kandahar on October 15 that killed 60 people.

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