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Processes of settling gunmen status completed in Daraa countryside

The processes of settling gunmen status, the wanted and military deserters, have been completed in all areas in Daraa countryside, according to the agreement proposed by the state.

On Monday, a settlement center was opened at al-Mahata Police Department in Daraa City to receive those who want to settle their status from different areas across the province.

SANA reporter said that A number of gunmen, the wanted and military deserters have flocked to settle their status and hand over weapons to the Syrian Arab Army at al-Mahata Police Department.

Several of them expressed relief at the agreement proposed by the State, the reporter added.

Last August, the settling processes in Daraa province started from Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in several villages and towns, including al-Yadouda, Mzeireb, Tafas, Tal Shihab and towns of al-Yarmouk Basin to include later the whole countryside in the framework of the State’s efforts to ensure security and stability there.

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