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Yemen: Saudi-led coalition continues to market its lies after seven years

Member of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi, commented on the Saudi-led coalition’s claims regarding Yemen’s ballistic missiles, saying that the fabricated images of the missiles that were evidently extracted taken from an American movie are proof that the aggression forces continue to market their lies against Yemen after 7 years.

The head of Sanaa’s negotiating delegation Mohammad Abdul Salam considered that the Saudi-led coalition states are moving from one scandal to another and from one bankruptcy to another by showcasing what they claim is a missiles site at Al-Hudaydah port.

Abdul Salam also shared the video, stressing that the coalition is looking to reimburse its field losses with fictional media and intelligence victories.

The Spokesperson for Yemen’s Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, also shared the video and said that the coalition of aggression’s comportment has been one of lies, forgery, and throwing dust in people’s eyes from the very beginning.

 Following the airing of the video, Yemen’s Foreign Ministry said the comic attempts to justify the coalition’s targeting of Yemeni ports is nothing but cheap Hollywood stunts that reveal to the world the utter failure of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-led coalition had broadcast a scene from a US documentary on Afghanistan entitled “Severe Clear”, claiming it is a ballistic missiles facility located in the Yemeni port of Al-Hudaydah, adding that the name of the facility cannot be revealed