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Israeli occupation wounds, arrests protestors in Al-Naqab

The Israeli occupation suppressed and attempted to disperse Palestinian protests against the bulldozing of indigenous lands in Al-Naqab through violent means, such as using stun grenades, tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons,

The Israeli occupation forces are attempting to disperse and suppress demonstrators against the bulldozing of land in Al-Naqab through using wastewater, tear gas, and rubber bullets,” our correspondent added.

The occupation’s aircraft is flying at a low altitude over the area where the demonstrations are held with thousands of Palestinians still on the streets,” she reported.

Protests in Al-Naqab were renewed on the evening of Wednesday after Israeli bulldozers started destroying infrastructure earlier in the day. Israeli machines bulldozed lands belonging to the Al-Atrash family, near the village of Sa’wah in Al-Naqab. 

The destruction took place under the massive protection of Israeli occupation forces. The atmosphere was tense as attacks and prolonged campaigns of arrests swept the region: 46 people were arrested in two days. 

Protestors used burning tires to block major intersections on the outskirts of Tel Al-Sabaa Shaqib Al-Salam, and Rahat, demanding the release of the detainees and the cessation of bulldozing operations targeting Al-Naqab area, east Tel Al-Sabaa. 

The Israeli occupation’s machinery had broken into Saawa village and bulldozed part of its lands in preparation for a takeover after Palestinians confronted them.

Israeli occupation official in charge of the settlement process in Al-Naqab had announced the “cessation of afforestation” in the region.

Source: Almayadeen English