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PMF and Federal Police pursue ISIS remnants in Diyala

The Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq announce an inspection operation to pursue ISIS remnants several fronts in Diyala province.

A joint operation between Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and the Federal police in Iraq was launched with the aim of cleansing the Hawi Al-Azim area from the remnants of ISIS.  The operation has also employed and integrated the Army’s aviation into the land operation.

On his account, the commander of the Diyala operations sector of the PMF, Talib Al-Moussawi, announced the launch of a security operation to cleanse the Eastern Azim River Basin from terrorist presence.

A security operation was launched with the participation of (Brigade 23 and Brigade Nidaa Diyala in the PMF) from the Azim Dam to the mouth of Nahr Al-Azim in the Tigris River in the village of Saffit.

The PMF seized a boat used by ISIS militants to move in the great Hawi River, in addition to dismantling an explosive device that had been planted in the past in the Abu Akfa area.

On Friday, the crowd announced that it had thwarted “an attack by ISIS, northeast of Diyala, within the approaches of Muqdadiya district,” explaining that “an ISIS group tried to attack the PMF’s location and destroy a thermal camera in the village of Sebta before they were intercepted.”

The operation aims to prevent the infiltration of ISIS and tighten the siege on it, as well as perform a raid and search of ISIS hostels, and the operation will continue for two days until achieving its set goals.

Earlier, the Popular Mobilization Directorate in Iraq announced the start of a raid and search operation in several areas in the city of Al-Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad.

Source: Almayadeen English