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Russia deployed SU-34S at al-Qamishli airport after ISIS attack on al-Hasakah prison

The Russian Aerospace Forces deployed two Su-34 fighter bombers at the northeastern Syrian airport of al-Qamishli following the January 20 ISIS attack on Geweran prison in the nearby city of al-Hasakah.

On January 25, a video and several photos showing the two Su-34s fighter bombers at the airport surfaced on social networks.

ISIS terrorists attacked Geweran prison, which is run by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to free their comrades. However, they ended up capturing the prison and nearby areas.

The SDF claimed on January 26 that it had recaptured Geweran. Nevertheless, as of January 29 clashes are still being reported around and inside the prison. While hundreds of ISIS terrorists managed to flee, dozens are still holding up in the prison.

The deployment of Su-34 fighter bombers at al-Qamishli airport, which is located some 70 kilometers to the northeast of al-Hasakah city, was likely a protective measure. Russia was alarmed by the US-led coalition and SDF’s failure to foil ISIS attack on Geweran. More than 200 have been reportedly killed around and inside prison, so far.

Last year, Russia deployed fighter jets and other military equipment at al-Qamishli airport, turning it into one of its main bases in northeastern Syria. The move was a message to Turkey that was at the time preparing to launch an offensive against the SDF.

Source: South Front