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Holy Cow! Muslim man beaten up for urinating in front of cow in India’s Madhya Pradesh

Since the Narendra Modi government came to power, attacks on Muslims and oppressed castes have increased by Hindu groups who claim to be “cow vigilantes”. Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal, and it is also revered as a mother. Police arrested a man after a video of him beating up a Muslim man for allegedly urinating in front of a cow went viral on social media. The incident took place in the Ratlam district of India’s Madhya Pradesh state on Friday. In the video, a group of men are seen beating and verbally abusing Saifuddin Patliwala, the victim.The accused asked him to apologise on camera and then took off his skull cap and started kicking it.

After the incident, police tracked down Patliwala and, following a complaint lodged by him, arrested the accused.

WARNING! The following video may be disturbing

Source: Sputnik