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Yemen Armed Forces target large UAE, ISIS gathering in Shabwa

The Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson confirms the death and injury of a large number of UAE and ISIS mercenaries, as a result of a ballistic missile launched by the armed forces.

The Yemeni Armed Forces announced Sunday the launching of a ballistic missile that targeted a large gathering of the UAE and ISIS mercenaries in the Al-Naqoub, west of Shabwa city.

On his Twitter account, the Armed Forces’ spokesperson, Yahya Saree, confirmed that the missile resulted in the death and injury of large numbers of mercenaries, as well as the destruction of five of their vehicles.

تمكنت القوة الصاروخية بفضل الله من إستهداف تجمع كبير لمرتزقة الإمارات وعناصر داعش في منطقة النقوب بمديرية عسيلان بمحافظة شبوة بصاروخ بالستي ظهر اليوم الأحد وكانت الإصابة دقيقة
نتج عن الإستهداف مصرع وإصابة أعداد كبيرة منهم وتدمير وإحراق خمس آليات .

The Yemeni air defenses have shot down Saturday a US-made ScanEagle spy plane belonging to the Saudi-led coalition in the airspace of the Juba district, south of Marib Governorate, north-east of Yemen.

This comes after the Yemeni military media broadcasted new scenes documenting the liberation of the Taybet Al-Asma border cam and the Rabaa hills chain in the Al-Ajasher border.

Despite intense air raids, the Saudi-led coalition could not regain control over the areas, which is estimated at a total of 163 square kilometers.

Source: Almayadeen English