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Palestinian prisoners’ movement: “Israel” imposing new penalties on prisoners

The Palestinian prisoners’ movement calls for mass mobilization, announcing that the regulatory bodies will be dissolved on Monday.

The Palestinian prisoners’ movement in occupied Palestine said that the Israeli occupation prison system is reneging on the agreements reached following Operation Freedom Tunnel.

In a statement, the movement stressed that the Israeli administration is imposing new penalties on Palestinian prisoners who are already suffering from the Israeli occupation authorities and their prison administration’s use of repressive and abusive measures against Palestinian prisoners in an attempt to deplete their steadfastness and break their will.

It is worth mentioning that Palestinian prisoners are subjected to organized repression and are deprived of all their rights, in conjunction with the continuation of the occupation policy of storming cells to disturb prisoners and violate their privacy by installing surveillance cameras in corridors.

The movement has also called for mass mobilization, stating that the regulatory bodies will be dissolved on Monday.

In this context, the Supreme Command Council for the prisoners of the Islamic Jihad movement in the Israeli occupation prisons announced the complete readiness along with the Palestinian prisoners’ movement to confront the Israeli occupation’s ruthless practices against the Palestinian prisoners.

In an incremental step toward terminating the administrative detention policy, Palestinian prisoners in “Megiddo” prison returned their meals on Sunday, and it is believed that all jails will follow suit in the following days, according to the Prisoners Information Office.

Source: Almayadeen English