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Iran’s IRGC to unveil new domestically developed strategic missile

The Islamic Republic has been actively upgrading and developing its defence industry in light of international sanctions that have long prevented the country from buying weapons abroad. The nation’s missile programme has sparked numerous protests in the West, with Tehran, however, refusing to slash it, and insisting on its right to defend itself.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will be unveiling a new “strategic missile” in the near future, IRGC Aerospace Force commander, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, has stated. It is manufactured domestically in Iran.

The brigadier general did not elaborate on the new missile’s specifications and effective range as he was speaking to reporters. Yet, he shared that the missile has been in development for some time and has even undergone its first field testing.

Tehran has repeatedly stated that it will continue to develop the nation’s domestic defence industry regardless of any protests from abroad, arguing that it has the right to maintain its own security. The country has so far achieved a certain amount of success in organising the development and domestic production of such defence products as cruise and ballistic missiles, fighter jets, various classes of warships, as well as air defence systems.

The development of long-range strategic missiles by Iran has long caused concerns among those in the West, with several nations repeatedly urging Iran to scale back this programme. Tehran, however, has refused to do so, insisting that these missiles serve as a deterrent to any potential attack by the nation’s enemies. The country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stated that the missile programme and the development of the rest of Iran’s defence industry were not up for debate.

“Without a moment of hesitation, the country must move to acquire whatever is necessary for defence, even if the whole world is opposed to it”, Khamenei said.

Source: Sputnik