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Houthis’ fierce resistance stall Saudi-backed attack on Yemen’s Harad (Videos)

The Houthis (Ansar Allah) continue to hold onto their positions in the city of Harad in the northwestern Yemeni province of Hajjah in the face of a large-scale attack by Saudi-led coalition proxies.

The attack on Harad, which began in the first week of February, is being led by Saudi-backed forces from the Yemeni Armed Forces’ 5th Military District.

As of February 9, Saudi-backed forces have failed to make any significant gains in Harad. With the Houthis showing fierce resistance inside the city, Saudi-backed forces moved to the nearby al-Hayjah mount where they recaptured a few positions they lost very recently.

The Houthis have been making efforts to break the Saudi-led coalition’s siege on Harad. On February 8, the group fired three ballistic missiles at gatherings of Saudi-backed forces around the city. Eight drones launched by the group were also intercepted over the city on the same day.

Despite the lack of any real progress, the Saudi-led coalition continues to provide its proxies with close air support. Coalition warplanes carried out 26 airstrikes on Houthi forces in Hajjah and the central province of Ma’rib between February 8 and 9. According to the coalition’s claims, scores of Houthi fighters were killed and 22 vehicles of the group were destroyed.

The attack on Harad which started with much success appears to be slowly turning into a complete failure. Saudi-led coalition proxies may never capture the city, which is located less than 15 kilometers away from al-Tuwal border crossing with Saudi Arabia.

Source: South Front