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The Netherlands to supply Ukraine with 200 Stinger missiles

Holland agrees to supply Ukraine with Stinger air defense missiles following a request by the Ukrainian government.

The Netherlands has agreed to ship 200 Stinger air defense missiles to Ukraine, in response to a request by the Ukrainian government.

“There was a careful but, given the circumstances, shortened check to make sure this meets weapons exports criteria,” Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra and Defense Minister Kasja Ollongren said in a briefing to MPs.

Stinger missiles can be used against aircraft at a range of up to five kilometers. The Dutch army has two types of Stinger missiles: portable missiles that can be fired from the shoulder and another type that can be mounted on armored vehicles.

European lethal weapons sent to Ukraine against Russia

A number of other European states have also been supplying Ukraine with lethal equipment.

The Czech Republic’s Defense Minister, Jana Cernochova, announced on Saturday that Prague would provide Ukraine with $8.6 million in military equipment.

The lethal equipment includes machine guns, automatic and sniper rifles, handguns, and ammunition. 

US President Joe Biden announced that he will allocate $600 million in immediate military aid to Ukraine, including $350 million for the Department of Defense. 

Source: Almayadeen English