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Ukraine proposes to declare itself permanently neutral state — Russia’s chief negotiator

This to be done for the purpose of the implementation of Ukraine’s off-bloc and nuclear-free status

Kiev’s proposals envisage that Ukraine will be proclaimed a neutral state under guarantees of a number of guarantor nations of its security, Russian presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, who leads the Russian delegation to the talks with Ukraine, said on Tuesday, after an Istanbul round of talks.

“We have received the Ukrainian delegation’s proposals. As far as I understand, they were agreed with Ukraine’s leadership. In brief, they are: Ukraine is proclaimed a permanently neutral state under international legal guarantees for the purpose of the implementation of its off-bloc and nuclear-free status. Further on, a list of Ukraine’s security guarantor nations is given,” he said.

The first round of Russian-Ukrainian talks was held in Belarus’ Gomel region on February 28. The talks lasted for five hours. The second round of talks was held on March 3 in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, in Belarus. The delegations met for the third round of talks on March 7, in the Brest region, also in Belarus. More rounds were held in the online format. Another off-line round of talks was held in Istanbul on March 29.

Source: TASS