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Updated: AFU crimes in Bucha, Kiev region. False flag propaganda attack against Russia revealed (Photos, Videos)


The European Union will tighten sanctions against Russia and strengthen Kiev’s support in defense issues, according to German Foreign Minister Anna Lena Berbock on Twitter. European officials attribute this decision to the reports of the Ukrainian authorities about the events in Bucha.


The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that Kiev’s information about the mass killings in the Ukrainian Butcha is not true, and the footage was staged.

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that all the facts irrefutably confirm that the photos and video frames from Bucha are another staging of the Kiev regime for the Western media, as it was a case in Mariupol with the maternity hospital, as well as in other cities.

It was added that:

— All units of the Russian troops completely withdrew from Bucha on March 30, and these shots appeared on the 4th day after that, when SBU officers and representatives of Ukrainian TV arrived there;

— During the stay of Russian soldiers in Bucha, not a single civilian was injured;

— 452 tons of humanitarian aid were delivered and issued to civilians by Russian servicemen in the settlements of the Kiev region.

Following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kiev region, towns located near the capital where fierce fighting has just ended are now the main area covered by the Ukrainian media. Footage shared by locals days ago confirmed that there were civilians killed in fierce clashes that broke out during the Russian withdrawal.

As soon as Ukrainian journalists reached the area, the streets of Bucha turned out to be covered by corpses. Obviously, Russian servicemen are blamed of mass shooting on civilians when leaving the area.

This video from Bucha was shared by almost all Ukrainian media at once. In the rearview mirror you can see a Ukrainian zombi getting up, likely to give an interview to the reporters.

According to the Ukrainian media reports, civilians were shot dead by Russian servicemen when running out of the town. This likely should be a reason why the corpses are laying all together.

In the video, one can see:

  • all the dead are lying face down;
  • people lie mixed up a body with demonstratively tied hands is seen next to the dead without tied hands, someone is laying next to a bicycle, a few meters away there are bodies with white armbands (sign for civilians in the areas under the Russian control);
  • there almost no blood near the dead who were allegedly shot dead by Russian servicemen at close range along the road;
  • there are no women and children, only male bodies seen on the video;
  • one of the dead is getting up.

Russian forces left the city on March 30. It took four days to prepare fake shocking reports from Bucha.

In general, the installation spread by the MSM clearly shows the approaches that have been repeatedly used in Syria within the anti-Russian propaganda campaign.

More footage from the area leaves no questions on who is behind shelling on civilians. Soon after Russian forces left the town, Ukrainian militants of the so-called territorial defence entered Bucha. They deliberately shot all men who had no blue armbands.

This was confirmed by the video published by the leader of the Kiev territorial defence, Sergei Korotkov, call-sign “Bossman”, on April 1.

The video was titled “The work of the Bossman Boys in Bucha”:

At the beginning of the video, one of the Ukrainian militants asked:

– There are guys without blue armbands, can I shoot at them?
– Sure, f**k!

Another footage from Bucha allegedly showed civilians who were killed by Russian servicemen in one of the basements.

The same white armbands are seen on the video. All the dead have new and clean clothes, even the white armband is clean.

The man on the left with white armband seems to be the same “corpse” lying along the street on the first video, th eone who got up. He has similar closes and the same white clean armband with a similar knot.

All the two videos spread by the Ukrainian MSM about the alleged crimes of the Russian servicemen are all signs of staged fakes.

At the same time, Ukrainian commanders in their interviews confirm that the AFU artillery units carried out a large offensive operation on Russian forces withdrawing from Bucha. The Ukrainian claims that clashes broke out out of the town and Ukrainian artillery waited until the Russian tanks leave the streets, are also belied by the videos shared by the same Ukrainian militants.

Numerous craters are seen on the streets, as well as destroyed Russian tanks.

While Russian troops were withdrawing, the AFU opened heavy artillery fire trying to destroy as much as Russian equipment as possible. As a result, a big number of civilians were killed.

The AFU blockaded people in the war-torn city a month ago, when they blew up bridges leading to Irpen.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak has already used the staged videos as an excuse to request weapons from Western countries on Twitter.

Source: South Front