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Kiev forces spotted firing FH70 heavy Howitzers donated by Italy (VIDEO)

Kiev forces have been spotted firing FH70 155 mm towed howitzers, which were recently donated by Italy, for the first time.

On May 27, Ukrainian sources shared a video showing a unit of Kiev forces setting up and firing FH70 howitzers on an unspecified front in the Donbass region, where the Russian military and its allies are advancing as a part of a special operation that began in February.

The FH70 was developed by an international consortium, which included Vickers Ltd in the UK, OTO Melara in Italy, and Rheinmetall from Germany.

The heavy howitzer is normally operated by a crew of eight soldiers. However, it is possible to operate it with a crew of only four. This howitzer is equipped with a semi-automatic loading system which consists of a loading tray and an automatic tube loader. It is also equipped with an auxiliary power unit that allows it to move on its own.

The FH-70 can fire all the standard 155 mm NATO ammunition with a range of 24 kilometers or up to 30 kilometers with extended range shells. The howitzer can fire a burst of three rounds in 15 seconds, or three to six rounds per minute.

In May, the Italian government approved the delivery of an unspecified number of FH70 howitzers from the Italian army inventory to Kiev forces.

Later, Rome said it is considering different options for delivering arms to Ukraine including PzH 2000 and M109L self-propelled howitzers, Sidam 25 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, M113A1 and VCC-1 armored personnel carriers as well as Iveco VM90 and LMV light tactical vehicles.

The West’s massive military support to the Kiev regime is mainly meant to prolong the war in Ukraine on the hopes of weakening Russia.

Source: South Front