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Spain Records First Case of Cholera Since 1979 – Reports

The disease has re-emerged on a farm located in Toledo province, with the site being immediately quarantined by local health authorities.

Spain has recorded the first documented case of cholera since 1979 after a child contacted the disease by drinking water on a farm in Toledo province, El Pais reported, citing the local government of Castilla La-Mancha.

“This is not a serious case, but the farm has been closed to ensure that there are no more risks for the population,” a government spokesperson said.

The girl is said to have been hospitalized and discharged after receiving treatment.

Spain recorded its most recent cholera outbreak in 1979, with only a few cases in Melilla reported back at the time.

Cholera is an infectious bacterial disease that causes severe diarrhea, as well as cramps and weakness. In most cases, it can be mild or even asymptomatic, but it can be fatal for some patients.

It is transmitted via direct contacts, as well as the contamination of water and food. It is best known for causing an epidemic in the late 19th century which prompted sweeping public health initiatives.

Source: Sputnik

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