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US Military Evacuate 300 Relatives of ISIS Militants From Syrian Camp to Iraq

The US military evacuated about 300 family members of militants of the Daesh* terrorist group from the Al-Hawl camp in northern Syria to Iraq, Syrian state television reported on Wednesday.

“US military occupiers have taken out 300 family members of Daesh* militants of foreign origin from the Al-Hawl camp to Iraq”, the broadcaster reported.

Earlier in the month, US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper did not rule out sending additional troops to Syria despite having previously said that the total number of US troops on the ground would remain at around 600.

According to the UN, as of late November, about 69,000 people lived in the camp, of which 40 percent were Syrians, 45 percent were Iraqis and 15 percent were citizens of other countries. The al-Hawl camp is controlled by the Arab-Kurdish troops of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. It has been in the international spotlight recently over the fact that it was overcrowded amid the escalation of violence in Syria.