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Russian Airstrikes Target Surroundings Of Turkish Posts In Southern IDLIB , Northwest Hama

series of Russian airstrikes targeted the surroundings of Turkish “observation posts” in the so-called Greater Idlib region.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the posts are located in the Almastumah Camp, 6 km to the south of Idlib’s city center, and near the town of Shir Mughar in northwest Hama.

Al-Mastumah’s post is one of many positions established by the Turkish military earlier this month, while Shir Mughar post was set up last year under the Sochi agreement.

No Turkish casualties were reported as a result of the Russian airstrikes. However, equipment supplied by Turkey may have been destroyed.

Dozens of other Russian and Syrian airstrikes targeted several areas in the southern countryside of Idlib, including the towns of Kafr Nabl, Hizareen, Bsakla, Kafar Sijnah, Kansafra and Ehsim.

These intense airstrikes come amid reports of a near large-scale military operation by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The operation will reportedly target the remaining militant-held areas south of the M4 highway, which links Aleppo with the coastal city of Lattakia.