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Trump Busy Watching Fox Instead of Doing His Job’: Backlash Over POTUS’ Floyd Hearing Tweet

As George Floyd’s brother addressed the US House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, pleading to end “the pain” of injustice, the US President, who recently suggested that Floyd was “looking down” happy at the fallen unemployment rate in the country, took to Twitter with a concern of his own.

Donald Trump tweeted yet again, this time to comment on the broadcast of the hearing at the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on racial inequality and policing.

Mr. Trump lashed out against Fox News for taking the hearing off air “prior to important witness statements.”

The Judiciary Committee was addressed by George Floyd’s brother, Philonise Floyd. It was also addressed by civil rights advocates speaking for greater financial support of minority communities, as well as witnesses, called by Republicans, to voice their support for the police force.

Expectedly, the president’s tweet aggregated hundreds of responses, varying from outright accusation to praise.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to present a legislation package, targeting police violence and racial injustice in the US. The deadline for the bill is 4 July, following a full House vote on the issue