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Russia to deploy additional Su-35 jets to Syria

 Russian Armed Forces are allegedly deploying additional Su-35 jets to its largest airbase in Syria, the publication, Avia.Pro, reported on Monday.

According to the article, the Russian Aerospace Forces is deploying “at least three additional Su-35S fighters” to the Khmeimim (Hmemim) Airbase in Syria’s Latakia Governorate.

“At the moment, it is known that the fighters flew from Chkalovsky, after which they went to Privolzhsky, from where, according to analysts, the planes will go to the Khmeimim airbase, while it is possible that the groups can be additionally reinforced with several more fighters,” they continued.

“A few hours ago it became known that the Russian Aerospace Forces intend to transfer several additional Su-35S fighters to Syria, which are planned to be used to strengthen the Russian military group in this Arab republic,” Avia.Pro reported.

The Russian publication said it is not known why the Russian Armed Forces are deploying additional Su-35 jets to Syria; however, “it was also suggested that it may not be about strengthening the Russian Khmeimim Airbase, but about the rotation of forces, although there is no official confirmation of this yet what no.”

The Russian Armed Forces have used the Su-35S on a number of occasions in Syria, including two interceptions of U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean earlier this year.