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Palestinian Arrested During a Live Broadcast

An Israeli occupation special force brutally assaulted and arrested a Palestinian citizen in his car while live streaming on Facebook in Al-Khalil.

Activists on social media circulated the broadcast video that documented the assault on the Palestinian youth, Marwan al-Husseini, by the Israeli occupation forces.

In addition, human rights reports also documented the moment Ahed Yousef Shomali, a Palestinian youth, bid farewell to his disabled father before he was arrested from his home in Beit Sahour, at dawn on Wednesday.

This comes at a time when the Israeli occupation continues to brutally attack Palestinians and prisoners.

For its part, the Supreme Command Council for the prisoners of the Islamic Jihad announced on Tuesday that the movement’s prisoners will begin a mass hunger strike, noting that their demands include the return of prisoners to their sections and rooms in the occupation prisons.

source : almayadeen.net