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Iraqi MoD: Suicide attack foiled in Al-Anbar

Today, Monday, the Security Media Cell announced that it had thwarted a suicide attack by a motorcycle in Al-Anbar.

The Cell revealed in a statement that “a qualitative pre-emptive operation was carried out according to accurate intelligence information of the Intelligence Division of the Fifth Division, in which it indicated the presence of a booby-trapped motorcycle that was hidden inside the Rutba desert, the northern side in the Wadi Houran region, with a large number of explosives.”

It revealed that the terrorists were planning to seize the opportunity and release the bombs at the crowded Rutba District market and detonate them through a suicide bomber to cause the largest number of victims.

In light of that information, the aforementioned Division’s Detachments, a force from the Division’s Reconnaissance Battalion and from the intelligence of the 19th Brigade and its Third Regiment, moved to the location, where they found the motorbike inside a room in an abandoned village near Wadi Abilah, north of Rutba District. The bike was wired and ready to explode.

Four plastic barrels of different capacities packed with C4, 10 various projectiles, two containers of 12.5 mm caliber, and 200 rounds of 23 mm caliber, in addition to furniture and clothing, were also seized from the room. 

All materials were detonated right away and a thorough search was conducted around the village looking for terrorists to secure it and prevent any possible attacks in the area.