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French Troops At Risk Of Being Surrounded In Syria

French General Dominique Trinquand analyzed the situation of his country’s troops present in Syria.

Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, the conflict has been marked by the presence and operations of various foreign forces. Among these forces are French troops, in a new chapter of Paris’s historical interest in Syria.

During the civil war, France supported opponents of the Assad government.

With the recent start of the Turkish operation Fountain of Peace, France has joined the group of countries that criticize Ankara’s activity in Syria.

Commenting on the situation of French forces in Syria in an interview with Sputnik World, French general and international relations and defense expert Dominique Trinquand highlighted his country’s position in the conflict.

“France’s stance is as follows: Turkey’s foray into Syria is unacceptable. The Kurds must be supported. They cannot be abandoned. Measures must be taken to ensure the safety of our troops,” the general said.

For the expert, the French forces became more vulnerable with the withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria. The reason would be the Paris military’s dependence on Pentagon logistics in the region.

In addition, with the largest concentration of Turkish and Syrian troops in the north of the country, the risk of attack against French positions increases.

Risk of attack
On the 13th, France decided to cut its supply of military equipment to Turkey. The decision would be a protest against Operation Fountain of Peace. Fearing Turkish retaliation, Dominique Trinquand believes there is a risk of a Turkish attack on French forces.

However, the military highlights the preparation of the French troops, saying that they “would be able to annihilate several.”

Even so, French positions tend to be surrounded by the Syrian advance of the south and the Turkish operation from the north.

Thus, the French military can be between the sword and the wall, that is, between the Turkish and Syrian armies.

Future depends on Russia

In recent years, Russia has become closer to Turkey, while maintaining its support for the Assad government in the Syrian conflict.

Most likely to confront Ankara and Damascus, Russia is a mediating force capable of finding a solution.

With this in mind, the French general sees Russia as a key player in influencing both Turkey and Syria.

“Moscow will have the last word in this situation. Russia is an ally of both Turkey and Syria. As their allies are facing each other, the key [to the crisis] lies in the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin,” Trinquand said.