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Turkish-backed forces score new advance south of Libyan capital

The Tripoli-based Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) forces have achieved a new advance near the capital city after clashing with the Libyan National Army (LNA).

According to the GNA’s official Facebook page, their forces scored a big advance south of Tripoli, capturing several sites along the Ramleh axis.

The leadership of the “Burqan Fury” operation confirmed on its Facebook page, Saturday, that its Mahjoub brigade were “advancing strongly” at the Ramleh axis and the vicinity of Tripoli Airport, noting that those forces took control of two cars equipped with weapons and destroyed six others and forced the Libyan Army to withdraw from several areas.

The Libyan National Army did not release any official data on the developments in the region.

The conflict erupted between the forces of the Al-Wefaq government (GNA) that emanated from the internationally recognized Skhirat Agreement, backed by Turkey, and the Libyan National Army that controls the eastern part of the country in April of last year, when the latter began pushing towards the capital to wrest control of it.