Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

A group of gunman belonging to a group called “Mughawer Al-Thourah”, who had been detained near Palmyra, admitted to have received training from the U.S. forces.
It was reported earlier that three gunmen were arrested and transferred to the Syrian city of Palmyra, after their group fell into a minefield.
The detained militants acknowledged that they had been sent on a mission, and had to obtain information about Russian and Iranian targets in Syria.
One of the detainees, Abdullah Al-Mishwat, said in his confessions: “We were taught how to deal with all types of weapons by American trainers. All of the weapons were American-made. I saw American trainers coming for training, but the training process is carried out by Syrians. The Americans are watching from afar, and they supervise on the training process, the training was difficult, and I continued for two or three hours, not less. ”
The gunman held by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) admitted that the group had been trained in the use of American-made weapons, but the group’s participants were sent to carry out on the mission with Russian guns.
Mughawer Al-Thourah is the last group affiliated with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to have direct U.S. backing in Syria.
They currently control a stretch of desert territory in the Al-Tanf Zone that allows the U.S. to maintain a presence near the Iranian-backed forces in Palmyra.
Source: RIA Novosti