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They call on Hezbollah not intervene, but all of these countries interfere in Lebanon’

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, conducted a speech this weekend to commemorate the first month of the Islamic calendar and its tenth day (Ashura), which will take place on August 29th.

The Hezbollah leader began his speech by saying that “geographical borders do not waive responsibility,” stressing the existence of “bearing responsibility towards every human group whose problems and news we know, and it is our duty to defend our country and our people when they are attacked.”

Nasrallah said in his yearly speech to commemorate Muharram, “Can anyone claim that our presence within certain geographical boundaries removes our tasks and responsibilities towards others? .. There are no limits to color, race, language, geography and religious affiliation. By force, arms, armies and intelligence in many regions of the world … Isn’t America required not to interfere in the affairs of states?”
He continued, “They demand Hezbollah not to interfere in the region while all these countries are interfering in Lebanon with their money and intelligence. America can wage wars and crush the bones of children in Yemen and elsewhere, and you cannot speak a word condemning the aggression .. Why do you have the right to interfere in the affairs of countries and launch wars?”

Nasrallah added that “there are many fronts in the world where we are not responsible for being present because of our inability to do so .. Whoever we can not help with money has weakened faith, to suffer for his pain or to call for him and raise our voice and demand their rights .. When you support the Palestinian people or you go to Syria to fight terrorist armed groups, is this a major national interest or not? … We are continuing to prepare for sacrifice, no matter how big the sacrifices are.”