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Threat of war? Turkey demands Greek demilitarization of Chios

While Greek and Turkish military representatives will meet for the third time under NATO brokered talks on Tuesday, the threat of military escalation between both nations continue to rise.
Following growing tensions between both nations, the Turkish Navy issued a navigational warning demanding that Greece completely demilitarizes the island of Chios. The warning was issued on Monday evening.
The Navy’s office for Hydrography and Oceanography is claiming that Greece is violating the 1923 Lausanne Peace Treaty.
The office of the Turkish Foreign Ministry reiterated the claim and called for the demilitarization of 16 islands near the Turkish coastline.
According to Turkish Foreign Minister Hulusi Akar, the treaty of Lausanne states that 21 islands must not be militarized, while the Greek military is stationed on 16 of them.