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UNIFIL tells Israel to stop violating Lebanese airspace

The head of the UNIFIL mission in Lebanon, Stefano Del Col, said that the continuous Israeli overflights over the Lebanese airspace represent a violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 and Lebanese sovereignty.
Del Col called on the Israeli army to stop flying over Lebanese airspace, and said that such continuous violations lead to escalation of tension and could lead to incidents that threaten the cessation of hostilities agreement between Lebanon and Israel.
Del Col indicated that UNIFIL has recorded in recent days a large number of Israeli air violations, explaining that the continuous overflights over the Lebanese airspace constitute a violation of the UN Security Council resolution and have been previously condemned by the Council.
Israeli reconnaissance planes have repeatedly flown over Lebanon the past few days, violating the sovereignty of the country and Security Council Resolution 1701.
The President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, presented the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Lebanon Jan Kubis, the ongoing Israeli violations by air and land on Lebanese sovereignty.
President Aoun explained that Lebanon considers the ongoing Israeli violations of its sovereignty as a violation of Security Council Resolution 1701, which Lebanon insists on implementing, pointing out that his country insists on maintaining calm at the southern borders, in cooperation between the Lebanese army and UNIFIL.