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Russian fighter rushes to Polish border to intercept US bomber

A Russian Su-27 fighter jet scrambled on Thursday to prevent a U.S. B-52H bomber from entering its airspace from Poland, the Sputnik News Agency reported.
“On the 24th of September, the means of controlling the airspace over Polish territory detected a strategic bomber, B-52H, belonging to the U.S. Air Force, approaching the Russian border,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said.
The statement indicated that a Russian Su-27 fighter belonging to the Air Defense Forces in the Western Military District scrambled to prevent it from violating the airspace.
The statement said that “the Russian fighter conducted an air patrol along the country’s borders with the Russian Federation … and after the American planes moved away from them, they returned to their base.”
The statement stressed that “no violation of the Russian borders was allowed.”
The statement concluded, “The flight of the Russian fighter” Su-27 “was carried out in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace.