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Israeli occupation airforce fly over Beirut for 2nd time in several days

The Israeli Air Force carried out a new round of flights over the Lebanese capital, Beirut, after violating the Levantine country’s airspace.

The Israeli warplanes were seen flying over the southern suburbs (Dahieh) of Beirut, marking the second time in the past four days that they flown over the Lebanese capital.

While Israel often violates Lebanese airspace, their presence above Beirut has sparked further outrage from the government, as these flights are carried out over the most densely populated city inside the country.

Lebanon has sought to end Israel’s violations of their airspace by issuing complaints to the U.N. forces inside the country; however, despite these complaints, the U.N. has been unable to prevent these overflights.

Making matters worse for Lebanon, they do not possess air defense systems capable of deterring the Israeli aircraft; has been a major advantage for the Israeli Air Force.

Israel has repeatedly used Lebanese airspace to launch airstrikes over Syria, a matter that the Syrian Arab Republic has brought up to the United Nations.