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Al-Mashat: Washington’s Impounding of Fuel Ships Adds to Yemeni Suffering

The President of Yemen’s SPC condemns Washington’s continued seizing fuel oil ships for Al-Hudaydah power plants; Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi stresses that the Yemeni Rial’s devaluation is due to Saudi coalition forces printing the currency.

  • President of the Supreme Political Council in Yemen, Mahdi al-Mashat

The President of the Supreme Political Council (SPC) in Yemen, Mahdi Al-Mashat, stressed that the suffering of citizens of Al-Hudaydah province is increasing as the United States continues to impound fuel oil meant for the province’s power plant.

He noted that this measure reflects “Washington’s disregard of all humanitarian values and international laws,” calling on the United Nations to “uphold responsibility and force coalition forces to release the ships.”

SPC member Mohammad Ali al-Houthi said on Monday that the devaluation of the Rial comes as a “result of exchanging Rials for Dollars, provisions not reaching their destination, and the false, random increase of Rial supplies.”

He went on to say, “the collapse of the Yemeni Rial in occupied territories will continue, because the ones printing the money are mercenaries out to secure their future abroad, not in Yemen.”

He stressed that: “The collapse of the Rial in the American-Saudi-Emirati coalition regions is a targeting of citizens through agonization and suffering, just as the aggression targets resilient provinces through sanctions.”

The Yemeni Rial registered a record devaluation in Aden and areas under government control on Sunday, with the USD exchange rate reaching 1000 Rials for the first time in the country’s history.

Aden Exchangers Union Spokesperson Sobhi BaGhafar said to the Chinese Xinhua News Agency that the current devaluation of the Yemeni currency “comes as a result of the insufficient supply of foreign currency and the crazy rise in its demand.”

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