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Palestinian Resistance Factions to Al-Quds Residents: We Won’t Let You Down

The Palestinian Resistance factions issued a press statement, in which they saluted the revolting Palestinian people in al-Quds and the Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood in particular, and throughout the West Bank, in response to the increasing attacks and crimes of the occupation forces against them, the latest of which resulted in 4 martyrs in the occupied West Bank.

The factions expressed their “full solidarity with their people in al-Quds and the West Bank,” and said, “We assure them that the Resistance that defended them in the Seif al-Quds Battle will not let them down, God willing, and shall safeguard this covenant.”

The factions, in their joint statement, called for keeping the resistance flame ignited and ready to act at any point of contact with the Zionist occupation.

They also stressed that “the declaration of hostility toward the Resistance in the region, the dependency on the forces of oppression and arrogance, and betting on governments changing to retrieve our rights and our land is a fantasy. The US has been and still is the first line of defense for the Zionist entity, and the headline of its total alignment with it. The US has always been and still is the first line of defense for the Zionist entity and has always exhibited full bias to it.”

Yesterday, Al Mayadeen correspondent in al-Quds reported that the Israeli occupation assaulted the demonstrators protesting in support of the Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood, during the vigil that the Neighborhood residents had called in rejection of the occupation court decision to forcibly expel them from their homes.