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Karim Younes in Good Spirits Despite Occupation’s Imprisonment

The brother of Palestinian prisoner Karim Younes, Nadim, divulged to Al Mayadeen that his mother last saw her son approximately a month ago. Despite her old age and being wheelchair-bound, Younes told Al Mayadeen that his mother was subject to scrutiny when she visited, as her age and condition were not taken into account. 

Nadim stated that the prisoner Karim Younes (61 years old), who has been in jail for 39 years, has been suffering in Hadarim jail, with one year and four months remaining of his sentence.

His release date is set for January 5, 2023.

Nadim added that he met with his brother approximately 10 days ago, and that he is in good health and spirits.

He emphasized that Karim, “exercises his activities inside the prison as if he were free.” He is now a qualified instructor for the prisoners within the occupied jails, after finishing his undergraduate studies in political science at the Open University while serving his sentence. Since 2017, he has served as a member of the Fatah Central Committee.

While imprisoned, Karim authored two books: “The Political Reality in Israel” and “The Ideological Conflict and the Settlement.”

It is noteworthy that Karim Younes was scheduled for release in accordance with the agreements concluded by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas with the Israeli occupation government in 2013, which stipulate the release of all prisoners detained before the Oslo Accords.

As is custom by now, the occupation government disavowed its part of the deal, keeping 30 Palestinians imprisoned, 14 of whom are from inside the Palestinian territories, serving the longest sentences.